The Fling

By: Rebekah Weatherspoon


I must thank the following people:

My editor, Cindy. You are a saint.

Olya, the only Russian exchange student my family wanted to keep.

Inna Sysevich. I’m sorry I’ve forgotten eighty percent of the Russian you tried to teach me, but I’ll be back soon for more instruction. And thank you for all the hugs.

And as always, Radclyffe.


To Vanessa and Maria.

I know you’re not doing it, but you totally should.

And to T, the executive producer of my heart.


The Fantasy Fulfilled

Oksana’s nipples were pierced.

Annie had already seen the tattoos that covered her trainer’s left arm, and from the occasional slip of fabric, she knew there was more ink across Oksana’s stomach and side. But for all of the body art that was revealed as Annie undid the ivory buttons hidden among the white ruffles running down the center of Oksana’s short sleeve blouse, the tiny gunmetal barbells going through the hard, pink nipples came as a complete surprise.

A pleasant surprise.

Annie let Oksana open the front closure of her bra. Annie’s breasts were way too big for front closure bras. Her cleavage destroyed the clasp if she was bold enough to cough. Oksana’s breasts were smaller. Small and perky, and even without the piercings, Annie would have been fascinated by the light pink tips, the same cocoa-pink as Oksana’s full lips.

Annie swallowed. She should probably stop staring.

“They don’t scare you, do they?” Oksana’s soft, husky voice filled the thick air of the hotel room.

“No. Not at all.” Annie leaned a little closer and studied the barbells some more. She stopped her hand before her fingers brushed the left nipple. She looked up into Oksana’s dark green eyes that were darker and hooded in the golden light from the lamp near the TV. “May I?”

Oksana swallowed and nodded bashfully, her teeth clutching the inside of her bottom lip. The gesture was pretty adorable. Annie smiled and took a deep breath. This was no time for her to be shy. This was all her idea. Oksana may have been the actual lesbian, and yes, she’d volunteered, but this was Annie’s plan. Annie’s fantasy.

They’d met at the bar, greeted each other with the same smiles and the same warm hugs they shared in the gym. They’d chuckled foolishly the entire way up in the elevator, joked nervously about how big the bed was and the awkward placement of the huge desk protruding from the far wall.

Finally, the laughter faded and they faced each other. Annie realized as Oksana looked down at her, still biting that lip, that she would have to make the first move. In all her fantasies and most of her wet dreams, she’d always been the aggressor. She’d always wanted to fuck another woman, to be the fucker, not the fuckee, and with the way Oksana watched her, seemingly reluctant to instigate the first bit of contact, Annie knew if she played her cards right, her whole fantasy would come true.

Annie swallowed once more and forced herself to relax. Tonight she wasn’t Annie Collins, bride-to-be and line producer on three hugely popular reality TV shows, and Oksana wasn’t one of the best personal trainers Los Angeles County had to offer. They weren’t almost friends. Tonight, for one night, they were lovers.

Annie licked her bottom lip and leaned forward. She’d skip the fingers and lead with her mouth. Her eyes closed as her tongue curved around the small piece of steel. She moaned when Oksana let out a light gasp. Annie never thought something so basic could be such a turn-on. She was simply licking someone’s nipples, but Annie’s body reacted instantly and her mind began to wander toward the opportunities these piercings presented. She’d been aroused the moment she saw Oksana waiting for her downstairs, but as the slick skin between her lips began to pucker even further, Annie could feel her own pussy soaking, the swollen muscles between her legs growing thick and hot.

Annie pulled back as Oksana shuddered, and she drew the flat surface of her tongue up Oksana’s breast to the height of her ribs. Oksana took a small, faltering step back, whimpering once more as she grabbed on to Annie’s shoulders.

“Are they sensitive?” Annie asked before licking up again then swirling her tongue over the very tip. She switched to the other piercing, hoping the answer was yes. She could easily suck on Oksana this way all night.

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