That Southeast Lovin' 2

By: Ebony Diamonds

An Urban Fiction Story


“It’s millions in here cuz,” Lou said to me as I finished counting the last bag of money we robbed out of Antoine's trap houses. We cleaned this nigga all the way out, and I know he was looking high and low for us. I didn’t give a fuck though, he can bring it, cuz we already gunning for him too. My team was the shit. They’ve been cleaning up house for the last few weeks, thanks to Judy spilling this nigga’s shit to us. The place she said he usually sleeps at was empty when we did go to get his ass. We split everybody’s money up and sent our messages out that their pay was ready and for them to meet us to get paid.

Demark walked in and dapped me up. He stared at all the bags and laughed saying, “We definitely gotta split this nigga shit. He gonna come guns blazin, cuz.” I just laughed and finished rolling my jay.

I started to think about Keisha’s spoiled ass. I had a nice bag for her, even though we were not official anymore. That ain't mean shit to me though, she was still mine. She kept thinking she could fuck with me like I’m one of those dumb mufuckas that was on her pussy scent real hard. I mean yea, I love shawty and shit, but I ain't no pussy whipped nigga. Then I hear she back fuckin with that old nigga that was at the party and shit. I guess she gotta get her bread, but that shit was boutta end. I let her ass marinate long enough. She a young minded joint, and we gotta change her way of thinking. I was a boss nigga and she needed to be a bosses’ bitch. Fuckin with nigga’s for bread is cool for low level broads, but stackin your own shit is a better look. Laniah told me she’s always askin' bout a nigga and shit, so I knew she would be back.

After June’s stupid ass got locked up, I tried to go to CPS and get my son. They wouldn’t give him to me without proof I was his father. I ended up getting the DNA test results back and he wasn’t mine. I can't say I couldn’t believe this bitch because I was already hip that she was on bullshit, but I started to raise him, so it stung like a mufucka. I didn’t give a fuck what the test said though, I was still gonna give him anything he needed. I ain't a cold nigga like that and I know June’s stupid ass couldn’t do shit for him. I called June’s aunt to get him; she worked for Fairfax courthouse in Virginia. She was stable and I knew she would give him a good life, unlike his dumb ass mother. June was a dead bitch as soon as she touched down. I already had Keisha’s cousin, Tootchie, ready to lights out this bitch as soon as she could.

I opened an account with five hundred thousand in it to start, and told June’s aunt, Desiree, to call me if she needed more. She was more than happy to oblige, seeing as though I gave her two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for taking him in. As long as he was good, so was I, I loved him to death and I’ma make sure he knows that.

After all the money was picked up, Demark and I decided to go relax by shooting at the gun range. We had to keep sharp for these niggas who would try to catch us slipping. On the way, Demark’s phone went off, it was Laniah. I could hear her screaming through the phone, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. Demark dropped his head and rubbed his eyes, hanging up with her. I looked at the nigga with my eyebrows raised as to say, "What’s wrong".

“Keep cool nigga, you driving and I don’t wan’t you to start trippin and crash this bitch." he said in a beating around the bush type of tone.

“Nigga, what the fuck I gotta do? guess? What the fuck wrong nigga?” I basically yelled at his ass. I hated when people dragged some shit out, just say the shit.

“Keisha got shot in the chest, bruh. She at GW; they flew her there yesterday.”

I pumped the brakes in moving traffic. Horns were blowing and people were cussin', but I didn’t give no fucks. I started punchin' the horn and cursing. “Nigga, what the fuck you mean? Is she dead, alive, or what nigga?” He shook my shoulder, but I shrugged him off and floored the pedal. I was weaving and dodging cars all the way up Pennsylvania Ave. “That mufucka so dead cuz, he already in his fuckin suit nigga.”

I was blinded by rage. Demark was holding on for dear life. I was swinging the new 2015 BMW I bought for Keisha, before all the bullshit happened. I decided to keep it, just in case. I know that nigga Antoine did this shit, I knew it was my fault for leaving her out there with no protection.

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