That Southeast Lovin' 2(9)

By: Ebony Diamonds

“That’s fine doc. I’m actually glad they brought me here. If I woulda gone to that ghetto ass shit hole in soufeast, I might be dead already,” I let out a slight chuckle, which hurt like hell.

“Well it’s my pleasure. I take pride in saving lives. That guy, Black is it? He has been here every day, all day. He really cares about you a lot." He was now using the stethoscope to check my breathing. That really warmed my heart to hear Black never left my side. The last time we spoke, he basically told me to fuck off. The nurse walked in with a cart. It had a large monitor on it with a keyboard and a knob. I guess that was the sonogram machine. Black walked back in, looking pissed off. He flopped down in the chair next to me and started to text. I don’t know what just happened, but I was damn sure going to find out.

“Black, what’s wrong?” he grabbed my hand, kissing it.

“Ain't shit, Key. Just some business shit is all. I’m more focused on you, it can be handled later.”

I was early in the pregnancy, so Dr. Rockwell had to use this long ass stick that looked like a dildo to put inside to check the baby. Black didn’t really like that, but he shut up and just watched the screen. Dr. Rockwell was staring at the screen like something was wrong. I started getting scared, thinking that something was wrong with the baby. He pushed a couple of buttons and we heard a heartbeat. I felt relieved, and Black was cheesing like a damn fool. Then we heard another one, overlapping that one. I got confused, wondering why it sounded that way. Dr. Rockwell turned the screen towards us, “You see this pulsating? That’s the babies heart beating. The second heart beat is your second baby. Looks like you’re having twins you two.” I almost passed the fuck out. Twins? How in the hell I let this nigga put two babies in my ass? Black was stuck. I see his ass wasn’t smiling now. Then I heard a loud ass familiar voice that put a smile on my face.

“Twins! Damn bitch, that was a major cream pie, huh?” Laniah screamed, walking in the room. I was overjoyed to see her pregnant ass. She looked too cute knocked up. She was followed in by Demark, Tootchie and my mother.

“Yaaaaaaas bitch, his ass gave me a double header, sis. Now bring y’all asses over here and show some love.” It still hurt to laugh, but fuck it. They all surrounded me. I couldn’t help but notice that Black was quiet as shit. He was in his phone hard, and it just didn’t feel right.

“Fuck all the lovey dovey shit, you saw who shot you cuz? Was it Antoine’s bitch ass?” Tootchie was ready, and I knew if nobody else was, she definitely was. The thing is, I couldn’t remember shit. Dr. Rockwell cleared his throat; I forgot he was even there.

“Well, I’m going to leave you all to spend some time together. I will be back shortly to see how everything is going, alright?”

“Thanks Doc,” I said as he made his exit.

Demark had Laniah leaned up against him, rubbing her belly. She looked happy as hell; she definitely stepped her game up. She was decked out, even with maternity clothes on. I looked at her shoes and my bitch had on some Giuseppe tennis shoes and a Birkin bag on her arm. Damn, now that’s what I was talking about. Shutting bitches down. My mother just stared at me. She looked really good. I see rehab got her straight. How the hell she get here though?

“Ma, how you get down here? You ain’t got no car to make a trip from West Virginia?

“We picked her up,” Laniah said.

“Damn, thanks y’all. And Tootchie, your answer is, I have no idea. I was getting some food and then I was on the way to you, and that’s all I remember right now.”

“The police said it was a woman,” Mom said. She shook her head and continued, “You need to slow your ass down girl. You got muthafuckas tryin to take your life left and right. That po’ chile Jesse got her damn head cut off on account of this shit you stirred up.”

“Don’t worry ma, I was just in the wrong place, I guess. You know how shit is.”

“You know its gravy cuzzo, we got this shit.” Tootchie assured me. I didn’t know about that though. They been said Antoine was gonna get it but yet he ain't drop yet.

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