That Southeast Lovin' 2(8)

By: Ebony Diamonds

“Candace, you need to pick Renisha’s shit up, you ain't got no maids,” the fat bitch had the nerve to say like she fucking paid a dime to run this shit.

“I ain’t gotta do shit, and the name is Candy, bitch. You think cuz you letting my dad pump your old ass pussy you runnin shit? You don’t run shit over here! Now I suggest you take your funky ass on somewhere before I cut your throat.” I pulled my straight razor out to show her I wasn’t a joke. I stood there and waited for her to say something. I just felt real "go hard" and was waiting for this bitch to jump bad. She cleared her throat; she was scared as a muthafucka.

“I will be calling your father about this. You real tough with that blade little girl.” I laughed her ass out as she made her way to my father’s room. I heard her on the phone with who I assumed was my father. I knew he was going to be calling me any minute, like I gave a fuck. I sent Renisha to my aunt’s house since her granddaughter was having a birthday party later, and I had plans to meet this guy I’ve been talking to. He wasn’t much to look at, but he had a lil money, and I needed me a dude who could upgrade me, even if it was a lil bit. I was heading out when I got a text message.

202-889-0001 You should have run faster, someone is always watching…

Me: Who the fuck is this?

202-889-0001: Don’t worry about it right now Candace, just know I’m your new boss. Call you in a day or two to meet up.

My heart was beating out of my chest. How the fuck did this mufucka get my number? I tried to call the number back, but nobody answered, then I got a video message. It was of me shooting Keisha. Fuck!


My eyes were weak when I woke up. I looked around and it looked like I was in a hospital room. I looked to my left and Black was sleep in a chair next to my hospital bed. He must still love my ass. Even after our break up, he was here for me. I never had a dude like him. Most mufuckas just wanted an arm piece, but he really cared about me. I tried to sit up, but it hurt too much. The TV was on and it looked like Black fell asleep watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I shook his arm, but I was weak and still groggy. He started groaning and shit. He looked at me and jumped out of the chair. My mouth was so dry all could do was groan.

“Oh my God, baby. I thought you weren’t gon ever come back,” he started planting kisses on my face. “Babe, don’t ever scare me like that. I don’t give a fuck what we go through. I’ma do my best to make sure you good. You and my baby,” he placed his hand on my stomach. I tried looking down; I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. I tried speaking, and my alarm started going off. After hearing Black say some shit about a baby, my heart rate went up. The nurse ran in.

“Ms. McKinley, you’re awake. I will inform Dr. Rockwell. I will be right back, would you like some water?” I just shook my head yes, since that’s all I could do. Black was on the phone with somebody, telling them I was awake. The nurse brought my water and I was able to speak, but I was still weak. “Black, why do you think I’m pregnant?”

“The doctor said you were about seven weeks. Now I need to talk to you about some things, but I’ma wait until you get a lil healthier. I don’t wanna overwhelm you,” he kissed my lips and I smiled. I was happy to have him back, but I wasn’t ready for a baby. Shit, I was only 18 and still had some life to live. I had been accepted to Howard, and I wanted to at least see how that worked out for me. I believed him when he said he would try to keep me safe. I tried to remember what the fuck happened to me. All I remember was Popeye’s, seeing my old sponsor, and now I’m here.

The nurse informed me that they wanted to run a few test and they would give me a sonogram to see how the baby was. Wow, pregnant, I thought to myself. Black was super excited. He told me what happened with June and I was happy I wouldn’t have to deal with her ass, but I felt bad about his son not being his. Bitches do that shit all day, but since I haven’t fucked anybody else, even with our time apart, I knew it was his.

A dark skinned, tall man came in with a white coat and a stethoscope around his neck. “Ms. McKinley, glad to see you’re back with us, I’m Dr. Rockwell. First, I would like to say how lucky you are to be alive with all the blood loss. Congrats on your baby. We are going to do a sonogram to see how the babies heartbeat is. With the amount of stress your body has endured, we want to make sure there’s no bleeding in your uterus.” Black left out to answer his phone. Dr. Rockwell squirted antibacterial on his hands and checked my chest to see if the wound was okay. “You’re a very lucky woman, Keisha. Um, do you mind if I call you by your first name? I like my patients to feel comfortable.” I shook my head no.

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