That Southeast Lovin' 2(47)

By: Ebony Diamonds

"You want him bitch, you got him. Fuck you nigga, I’m done," I said to Demark. Keisha pushed Black and followed right behind me.

"Laniah baby, please let me explain," Demark said, running behind me. I got into my car and Keisha got into the passenger side. My stomach was almost touching the steering wheel.

"Nah nigga, you lied in my fucking face, more than once. I gave you a chance to tell the truth and you made me look like a fool. Go fuckin kill yourself.” I rolled my window up. Black was now banging on Keisha’s window. She didn’t even bother to roll it down. I started the car and drove off. Both of their asses were running right behind us. I looked at Keisha, she looked at me, and we both started crying. We grabbed each other’s hand and we rode off.

Two Weeks Later


I stood over the body that laid lifeless in front of me. It had been two weeks on the run and this shit wasn’t easy. I can’t believe I fucked up as bad as I did, and over that useless bitch Keisha at that. I got rid of my phone long ago. My wife had been calling me ever since that day Black’s lawyer submitted the video to the news channels. I fucked up.

As I dismembered the body and stuffed it in trash bags, I threw it in the back of the car I had stolen and drove away from the abandoned warehouse. I did have one last fuck you for that bitch Keisha. I pulled over to the Anacostia river and dumped the body in. I wanted them to find it. I wonder what Keisha’s reaction is gonna be when they find her mom’s body in those bags..... to be continued

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