That Southeast Lovin' 2(4)

By: Ebony Diamonds

I found out the bitch Judy was staying in a motel in Suitland. I had a snake in Black’s grass and she told me Black took her with him to drop something off for Judy. I had three of my soldiers with me; I was gonna let them rip the bitch a new asshole. That’s where we were heading now.

We approached door 13 and knocked lightly so she wouldn’t be scared to open it. I could hear footsteps, and then the door swung open. This bitch looked like a deer caught in headlights. Chauncey, Dallas and Drew walked in before me. “You really thought you could hide from me, didn’t you?” I chuckled like a psycho. I slapped her and she fell on the bed. She was crying now, but I didn’t give a fuck.

“I was gonna call you Antoine, I swear. I just needed to be alone after what happened,” she was saying through sobs. I slapped her again and her nose started bleeding.

“You fucked my friends, you slut. That’s what I remember. No need to run off.” She stood up and wiped her nose.

“I’m not a slut, you made me. I fuckin hate you.” She started hitting me in the chest like she was really hurting me.

I grabbed her by the throat, “Bitch, you are whatever I say you are. You’re a fuckin whore, just like your sister, and you’re gonna get treated like one.” I punched her in the eye and she fell on the cast she was wearing and started screaming for help.

“You told that nigga Black where to find my fuckin money?” I kicked her in the stomach, then she started crawling across the floor. Dallas stepped on her hand to stop her. He grabbed her off the floor and threw her on the bed. He ripped her pants off and pushed her legs open. He pulled his dick out and rammed it in her pussy. Her face was bloody and she was screaming for him to stop. He covered her mouth with his hands and kept fuckin the shit out of her. Drew put his dick in her mouth and almost choked her to death, then Chauncey said, “I need to get in on this shit.” Dallas put her on top of him and Drew was fucking her in the ass. I was laughing; she looked like she was gonna die. Not yet, I thought, but soon though. They all kept switching positions on her until they were tired. She was all fucked out, layin on the bed, crying. I could give two fucks. This bitch betrayed me, and she was gonna pay for it. It was gonna be slow and fucked up.

“See, I told you that your nothing but a whore. Now get up bitch and put some clothes on, you comin with me.”

She stumbled to her bag and threw on some clothes. I made her clean herself up because she was a bloody, and I ain't wanna draw attention.

Once we reached our destination, we all got out and walked up to the small house, sitting on the corner. It was Lisa’s house. She was my homie from back in high school. We stayed cool over the years. She worked for Black now, and I pay her well to run me back info about the nigga; who his plugs were, where he hides his money, shit like that. Then the stupid bitch ended up fucking the nigga and she stopped fucking with me. But she hit me a few weeks ago, she told me how he got her pregnant and he wanted her to get rid of it, but she didn’t. She blamed Keisha for blinding him and taking the attention away from what she thought was her future with him.

“Wassup Li Li, you lookin sexy as shit girl,” I said, admiring how fat her ass was in them jeans. She was bad as shit. I had to hit that.

“Ain't shit Toine, just chillin. Who’s this?” she nodded towards Judy.

“Keisha’s lil sister.” She started smilin like she won the lottery.

“Oh yea, you Keisha’s sister?” Judy nodded and put her head down. “Well your sister was fuckin my man. I’m pregnant with Black’s baby and he wanna kill it, and it’s probably cuz of that bitch ass sister of yours. I should fuck you up just because you related to that bitch.” Judy just sat there quiet, like she was scared. I grabbed her broken arm and she winced like it was killing her.

“Antoine, please stop. I’m sorry.” Lisa was cracking up laughing. I almost forgot what I came over here for, fucking with Judy.

“Look, I need to know where the fuck this nigga lay his head. My peoples can't find this nigga for shit.”

She thought for a minute, “Well, I know he got a house in soufeast he go to sometimes. I been there maybe once or twice. I can show you if you want." I really didn’t want to be seen with her, that shit would look hot.

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