That Southeast Lovin' 2(3)

By: Ebony Diamonds

“Hey, Laniah baby. I ain't seen you in a dogs age.” He didn’t even help his woman get off the floor. Laniah looked like she was gonna throw up. I knew I wasn’t the only one who smelled they stinkin’ asses. Before Laniah could respond, a doctor came up to Laniah. He was looking around, probably looking for Keisha’s mom. Laniah stood up and waited to hear the worse.

“I’m Dr. Rockwell. I did the surgery on Keisha and I’m told you’re her sister?”

Laniah shook her head yes, and Demark said, “And I’m her brother.”

And I said, “And I’m her man.” He shook me and Demark’s hand.

"I’m her father," Keisha’s dad said, walking up to him. Dr. Rockwell shook his hand, but it didn’t seem like he wanted to. I wouldn’t want to touch that filthy mufucka either.

He continued to speak, “I was able to get the bullet out, but it pierced her corotid artery. She lost a lot of blood, but we were lucky to have a good supply of her blood type. The next couple of days will be rough. We were able to save the baby, which is great news seeing as though she lost so much blood.” My eyes popped out of my head. Why didn’t she tell me she was pregnant? The bigger question is, was it mine. I know she’s been fuckin’ with that nigga, Gary.

“How far along is she?” I asked the doctor.

“She’s about seven weeks.” I knew it could be mine after hearing that. This was more reason for her to be aight.

I mean, I’ve only known her for a short time, but it was just something about the way she carried herself that makes my dick hard. I guess our lil break up can be over now. I needed to protect her, especially if she was carrying my seed. We all thanked him and the nurse said we could see her when she's moved to a room. Her father and the white broad rolled out. I called Grilla and Lou, informing them of the situation, and Lou said he had a surprise for me.


I was gonna kill that bitch Keisha; she fucked my life up. Bitch fucked me up with a pipe and stole my shit. I had to have surgery on my face. I don’t even look like my fuckin self, for real. I had to get my dick fixed after she stomped me in it. I gave that ungrateful tramp money and kept the bitch laced out and she fucked me over. I sent a nigga over there to get her ass, and her dope head ass mother was home. Somehow, the nigga killed himself or some dumb shit like that.

I had a police Sergeant on my payroll and wanted him to dead Keisha's ass and make it look like a random killing. He had done the same thing for my uncle a few years back when one of his main bitches tried to cut him off. He even worked on the case and nobody was ever arrested. For whatever reason, this nigga came back and told me he wasn’t fucking with me. Fuck him though. Like that nigga O eazy said, "I don’t need no help, I’ma do it myself!" Keisha had me listening to this nigga; his shit was tight too.

Anyway, I thought what better way to get to her than to fuck her mental up. I caught that bitch, Laniah, that she runs with, and I gunned my car and ran that bitch over. I heard she lived though, too fuckin bad. Her nigga Demark was butt sore about that shit too, fuck him and Black. I never told Keisha what my beef with Black was, but the nigga was on some dumb shit in high school. This lil bitch from around the way tried to set me up with her older brother, saying he had the plug for cheap dope. They tried to rob me when I came to talk to him about it. I caught the brother and blew half his head off with a 12 gage. I caught that hoe and I was gonna teach her a lesson and I bust that pussy open. I didn’t give a fuck how old she was, then Black came in acting like captain save a hoe stopping me, we fought and shit, we was never cool again after that.

Now here we were beefing over a bitch, then that punk ass nigga robbed me for over 7 million dollars out of my stashes over the past couple of weeks, and took a huge shipment. I was gonna kill that nigga. He on some ghost shit though. I can't seem to get eyes on the nigga. Him and his bitch ass crew killed my mom, cousin, aunt and uncle. I wasn’t too hurt about that because my only real love was money. Nobody in my family treated me like I was worth shit.

I had Birdie watching his house and he said the nigga ain't been there in weeks. He hadn't seen anybody in fact. I was gonna make a stop at a convenient store he owned, and I was gonna come strapped. I know he ain't gonna leave his money wide open.

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