That Southeast Lovin' 2(2)

By: Ebony Diamonds

We finally got to the hospital and I saw Laniah sitting with an older woman that I’ve never seen before, but she looked like Keisha, just older. Laniah was crying and Demark went to rub her back. “You gotta calm down baby, you gonna go into labor.” She was six months pregnant now.

She looked up at me, “Black, she’s been out for hours. They got her in ICU. She needed surgery and shit; they don’t even know if she’s gonna make it. The police were up here and they said it was a woman who shot her, at least that’s what the witnesses are saying.” I punched the wall, I was heated, then I started thinking, a woman? I couldn’t think of any female that wanted to see her fuck up but June and she locked up. Then again, Keisha's attitude could have bought plenty of enemies, but she never mentioned a serious beef, besides Antoine.

The woman Laniah was sitting with started talking, “I need to see my baby. Who the fuck would want to hurt her like this? It couldn’t be Antoine, cuz they say it’s a lady.” I extended my hand, figuring out she was Keisha's moms. Keisha told me a while back she was on dope, but she didn’t look like an addict anymore because of rehab.

“I’m Black, I’m a good friend of your daughter.” She just stared at me and I withdrew my hand. I didn’t know what that shit was about, but I gave no fucks. I was here for my girl.

“I’m Dela McKinley, Keisha’s mom. Now before I give you a handshake, are you going to find out who tried to kill my child? If…no, actually, when you do, I want them muthafuckas dead, don’t nobody got the right to try to take my baby life. And kill that friend shit, the way you ran up in here, I know it’s more than that." I see where Keisha got that pop off shit from, but it was respect. I loosened up a little.

“Of course I am, Ms. McKinley. I love your daughter and I’ma do my best to find out everything I can, and after that, we ain't speakin' on it.” I wasn’t about to incriminate myself.

I should have tried harder to put this nigga down, but I wanted his money first. Call me greedy but shit, ain't nothing wrong with free money, especially if its that nigga money. She shook my hand, then out of no where, we heard a loud commotion, causing us to turn towards the double doors. A fat sloppy white bitch and a filthy ass nigga were stumbling over chairs to get to us.

“Where my daughter? KEISHA, KEISHA! I want my baby,” he was screaming like a damn fool, making an ass of himself. Dela stood up and charged towards him, punching him square in the nose. He was gushing blood everywhere, then she turned and spit in the white bitch’s face, and slapped the shit out of her.

“How dare you bring your stupid ass up here, and with this white bitch,” she slapped her again. They started tussling and security came in.

“If y’all can’t be civilized, you have to leave the premises!” the Shug Knight looking one yelled at them. The whole waiting room was staring at them and shit. They agreed to calm down. The nurse gave him a swab for his nose. The white broad was rubbing her face. Dela started in on them again.

“I’m surprised you came, I thought you were busy playing crack house with this white trash over here,” she smirked like she got him good. He shook his head and started slurring.

“Well, my friend Doug work's here and he said he saw them wheel Keisha in the ER, so of course I was comin’ to see about her. Now ain't no need for you to be so nasty, Dela.” I thought I saw steam coming from Keisha’s mother’s ears.

“No need to get nasty? You go fuck this Roseanne lookin’ bitch and have a bastard child, and you think I’ma be anything but uncivilized? Nigga, you really smokin' some good shit.”

The white woman stood up and yelled, “Now I done had enough of your disrespect. I’m sorry about what happened, but that was years ago. We got daughters that are sisters and you need to just accept it and get over it.”

Dela got up and stole her ass and she dropped right on the waiting room floor. I felt like standing over top of her and saying "daaaaaamn, you got knocked the fuck out." Like one of my favorite movie character's Smokey from the movie Friday. The security came and escorted Dela out. I was left with them, they knew how to put on a damn show. Keisha’s dad looked at me, Demark and Laniah. It looked like he was counting my jewelry in his head.

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