That Southeast Lovin' 2(10)

By: Ebony Diamonds

“Yea, I keep hearing that cuz, but the whole time he’s still doin him,” I blurted out. “Fuck it though, let’s talk about some other shit. I need some food; I feel like I’m boutta dissapear in this bitch,” I said, trying my best to sound like Rasputia from Norbit. They all laughed, but I was serious. I could hear my damn stomach growling. Black got up, came to me, and kissed me.

“I’m about to get you some Chipotle, and yes, I already know, extra everything.” He knew me so well. They tried to get cheap on a bitch, puttin a teaspoon of rice in my damn burrito, and I wasn’t having it. I probably won’t be able to eat the shit anyway but its nice to have in case I could. I still had tubes in my nose to support my breathing.

“I need some coffee or something. I’m gonna run to the cafeteria and get me some. You want anything?” Ma asked us while she was heading out. We all shook our heads no. Tootchie sat down next to me. She looked like she was holding something in. Laniah grabbed a chair and scooted next to me too.

“Listen cuz, Aunt Dela is right. You fucked over a lot of people and it looks like it’s catching up to you. You coulda lost your fuckin life, and for what? Cuz you Ms. bad bitch? You almost lost yo nigga; you lucky he’s even right here for your ass. You need to just focus on your new babies and leave the money game to your nigga, you set now. Just fall the fuck back,” Tootchie said in a low voice, like she ain't want nobody to hear.

“I know cuzzo. I ain't never have shit growing up with my parents. Now I see I can get what I want from niggas, and it just got me carried away. Who the fuck wanna be broke, Tootchie? I mean come on now. The fuck yung.”

“I get that, but all I’m saying is you gotta make smarter choices. Look at Derrick. My nigga locked up and I may never see him again. That’s better than death, but shit, he still gone forever. I do all kinds of dirt, but my tracks are always covered.”

She put her head down, but still didn’t shed a tear. Derrick’s white ass was dropping niggas and he wasn’t very smart about the shit. Now he got sent up, waiting on trial and shit. They got two witnesses and they found the gun under his mother’s porch. Why the fuck wouldn’t he toss the shit?

“Yea sis, I couldn’t stop crying. I really thought you were gone. Just let Black take care of you, Key. He never stopped loving you. If he can deal with your stuck up ass, then he’s a keeper,” Laniah said while eating her Snickers that seemed to magically appear in her hand. I thought about what they said and took it into consideration. Black was a good dude. He did some dirty ass shit, but he wasn’t Scarface. He, like me, never had shit either. He wanted money to live a good life, and if that meant pushing dope to get his dream, so be it. We chatted some more, then I thought about my phone, purse, and even my car. Laniah told me the helicopter crew turned my purse and shit over to the hospital staff when they got here. Damn, the first time I fly and it’s to the fucking hospital and I was out of it.

“Damn bitch, gimme some of that candy bar.” My mind started flashing and I saw Candy shoot me and run off. I jumped up and screamed in pain because my chest was hurting so bad. Tootchie ran to go get the nurses.

“Key, you aight, what happened?” she was breathing heavy. I grabbed her arm, trying to lay back down. Tootchie ran back in with the nurses in tow. The heart monitor and blood pressure machines were beeping uncontrollably.

“CANDY, IT WAS CANDY. SHE SHOT ME!” I screamed out and then blacked out.


I got a phone call from G-note while I was at the hospital; he watched my convenient store for me. I kept good money in my safe and since niggas know it’s my spot, I needed to keep a nigga like him to protect it.

“Black, these niggas just ran up in here and started shooting up the store. I shot back at them niggas and they left. They killed Tasha tho cuz, got her in the head.”

“What the fuck nigga, you ain't see them niggas on the camera? Where the fuck were your eyes nigga? Fuck I’m payin you for, cuz? Now I gotta deal with the fuckin police nigga!”

“This shit on me Black, them niggas moved fast. Before I could get out the back, they had already dropped shawty.” Damn, niggas were bold as shit. It wasn’t the first time a nigga tried to finesse my store, but why the fuck they kill Tasha? She was one of my joints I would fuck from time to time. She was another one like Lisa who got in their feelings when I started fucking with Keisha. Tasha handled business though, that’s why I fucked with her. I had to get her ass a few months ago when she had some nigga all in her face at my cash register. She wasn’t my girl, and I was far from jealous, but it was a respect thing. She loved when I was rough with her, and that’s what turned me on about her. I had to remember to send her peoples bread for the funeral.

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