June (Calendar Girl Book 6)

By: Audrey Carlan

June: Calendar Girl Book 6

Chapter 1

June in Washington, DC, felt oppressive. The air made your clothes stick like a second layer of skin. Muggy and miserable. I worried that if I pulled my tank away from my chest it might pull off an additional layer of flesh with it.

The first step out of the airport delivered me into an overcast, sunless sky. This was not at all what I was used to, having spent the last month in Hawaii.

I scanned the rows and rows of cars waiting. One tall fella stood in front of a shiny black town car holding a sign that said, “Saunders”. I figured that was my ride.

“I’m Mia Saunders.” I held out a hand and the driver shook it.

“I’m James, your driver. I’ll be taking you where you need to go throughout your stay with the Shipley’s.” He took my suitcase and tossed it the trunk before opening my door. I climbed into the vehicle, trying not to allow my sweaty thighs to imprint the smooth leather. The flowy skirt I’d worn on the plane seemed like a great choice at the time. I should’ve gone for the standard yoga garb. I slicked the palms of my hands down the backs of my legs, wishing I had a dish towel.

“Is it always so humid?” I asked while pulling my phone out of my purse and hitting the power button.

“In June? Eh, it can be hot has the dickens, raining, or really quite lovely. You’ll probably experience it all this month. I will concede it’s been unusually warm this year.”

My phone blared. Rapid dinging signifying the messages that had arrived while I was in flight.

To: Mia Saunders

From: Sexy Samoan

Girlie, you’ve got some explaining to do. You bailed. Not cool.

I scrolled down to read the other messages. Apparently, Tai hadn’t cooled down after his first message.

To: Mia Saunders

From: Sexy Samoan

The gift… no words.

To: Mia Saunders

From: Sexy Samoan

I’m so mad you stole my kiss goodbye.

That’s when my fingers raced over the keyboard.

To: Sexy Samoan

From: Mia Saunders

Kiss your forever. That will heal all that ails you.

An unladylike snort left my mouth and the driver’s eyes popped up to mine in the rearview mirror. His eyebrows rose, but I just shook my head and looked back down at the other messages.

To: Mia Saunders

From: Wes Channing

Are you ever going to talk to me? It’s been a month. Don’t make me come after you.

Flying phalanges once again. There was no other way to express how quickly I typed back the most flippant message possible.

To: Wes Channing

From: Mia Saunders

I’m sure Gina kept you busy. I saw you happily sucking face on the cover of HotDirt smut mag.

After twenty minutes of stewing in my own irritation and glancing down every two seconds at my phone, he finally responded. He being Wes, not Tai, but I ignored it, trying to force myself to be cool. Instead, I thought back to my sexy Samoan.

Hopefully, Tai was getting ready for his first date with Amy right now. My heart fluttered thinking about how the Universe dropped her into his lap. Literally. She landed in his lap at dinner that night. I sure hoped she was the one. Mentally, I made a note to touch base with Tai in a week to double-check their progress. Something told me that she was it. His forever. As for me, I didn’t know when that was going to happen. Definitely not before this year was up. Thinking about Tai or the future did not help me forget the burning desire to read Wes’s message.

To: Mia Saunders

From: Wes Channing


Is it possible for a woman to cut a man’s dick off from three thousand miles away? Maybe, if I hired out a hit man. I had some extra money in the bank for emergencies. That made me snicker. Have his dick lopped off with the extra money I got from fucking him. I shook my head.

What game was he playing? Should I respond or just let him stew in it? Obviously, he didn’t like the month-long forced break. Served him right. He was hitting the sheets with model-perfect Gina DeLuca, while I was banging my own sexy Samoan.

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

I could tell myself that over and over and over again, but the end result still slapped me upside the head. It was impossible for me to stop caring. Wes would always matter to me. Not knowing what he was doing and who he was doing it with, ate at me like a piranha nipping at raw meat.

With Tai, I had an awesome diversion. Fun. He made every day more exciting than the last, and every night more scorching hot than I dreamed possible. It was easy to put my issues with Wes on the back burner because I was filling my mind with everything that a young, almost twenty-five-year-old woman should be enjoying. Now though, it wasn’t working.

“Is it going to be much longer?” I asked James.

He tipped his hat. “Sorry, Miss, traffic is atrocious at this time.”

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