By: Gina Watson

Chapter 1

As strong warm hands on Bailey’s waist guided her face down onto the bed a light breeze drifted over the skin of her exposed bottom.

“Hang on, just gotta put on a condom.”

The abundance of alcohol coursing through Parker’s system had slurred his words.

Her knees felt the bite from the hardwood beneath. What she’d thought at first glance was a bed was nothing more than a slab of wood with not enough padding. Blankets and pillows hinted at sleep.

The unmistakable zip of a condom wrapper being opened reached her ears and she listened hard for other sounds. She detected only the choppy waves lapping repetitively against the sides of the boat.

She was on an old rickety boat with some guy she didn’t know. Great. Come to think of it this situation was more than a little creepy. He could be a diabolical madman—a killer of puppies and babies. He could easily murder her and dump her body into the water. No one would ever know. Except Maura. Bailey frowned. They’d gotten into a fight when Bailey had announced she was leaving the club with Parker. Bailey told her sister he was harmless. He knew practically everyone at the club. All night long patrons called his name just to say hi—as if their acquaintance with him was quite something. Whoever he was, the entire town knew of him and he was well-liked.

He sure was taking his time. Turning her head, peripheral vision allowed Bailey just a glimpse of Parker removing his jeans. Damn, she wished she had a front row seat to that show. Her eyes scanned the section of boat in her line of vision. The boat had seen its better days. The windows were filmy and the wooden cabinets and counters water stained. She’d seen the large steering wheel and various antiquated nautical equipment. On the counter next to the makeshift bed was a single electric burner with an old rusty pot.

She wondered if he lived on the boat.

Attempting to turn over, she pushed against the bed with her hands, but he held her there by applying his palm to the small of her back. “Don’t move.” He chuckled. His voice was cajoling not harsh as he scooped her hair into his hands and positioned it over her left shoulder. “Do you want to leave?”

“No, I just …”

“Just what? If you’re having second thoughts you need to tell me because once I start, there’s no turning back.”

She wanted to see him. At the club his sexy arrogance, coupled with indifference, that billion-dollar smile, and his sarcastic, but witty personality had pressed all of her sex buttons. She had an image in her mind of what he would look like naked and she wanted to see if he the real Parker measured up. She also wanted to see … well, she thought it would be wise to take a look at … his member? … his junk? … his erection? How would a man refer to his most prized appendage? “No second thoughts, I just wanted to see your penis.”

“Penis is a bit clinical for my tastes. Call it a cock and I may let you see it.”

A cock! “I want to see your cock.” She smiled as she said the taboo word she’d rarely spoken.

He smacked her butt hard. “Don’t worry baby you’ll see it as you suck and lick it and I come down your throat.”

His impassioned words caused her to shiver. So she wouldn’t be able to size him up before they did the deed. No worries. He certainly was cocky. She giggled at the pun. This is what she’d sought when she went to the club. And she’d been able to gather some evidence regarding what equipment he was packing during their provocative exchange on the dance floor. Bailey wanted to be screwed by a man who knew exactly what he wanted and how to use what the good Lord had given him. Please let that be this man.

Maura had been opposed to the destructive behavior, but Bailey had told her sister that she might not be around next year and she definitely wanted to experience raw ecstasy before she passed on. That had been enough to end their conversation in the parking lot. Maura had boarded a cab without looking back and Bailey had gone into the club to grind some more against Parker.

At once Parker plunged one of his fingers into her depths and she cried out from the sudden fullness.

“Damn you’re snug. You’re wet though, that’ll help.”

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